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First Audio Augmented Reality wearable that allows you to create and play music with your movement anytime, anywhere.
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This is only a tiny bit of everything you can do with your MICTIC One:

  • Create and play music anytime, anywhere using only your body movements.
  • No musical experience is required.
  • No need for any instruments, VR goggles or any other devices or programs.
  • Easy to use.
  • Release of new features, soundscapes and instruments in the Mictic App.
  • Become part of a new musical experience and master different instruments and soundscapes.
  • Disconnect from everyday life, expand your creativity, challenge yourself and experiment.
  • Keep yourself active and improve your coordination.
  • Free yourself from screens and have fun.

We like it outside the box, but here's what you'll find inside:

  • 2 Mictic wristbands
  • Double USB charger
  • QR code to download the Mictic App (iOS only)