6 x DJ world champion Rafik messing around with the Mictic sensors

Watch 6 x DJ world champion Dj Rafik messing around with the Mictic sensors: He created a funky loop with Ableton Live and added the snare (left hand) and kick drum (right hand) in real time while hitting on things… including himself.   
Whether on his own or alongside his Lords Of Fitness teammates, this German wunderkind turnablist-turned-producer has dominated the world of DJ battles since 2002, scoring more trophies and international titles than any of his competitors worldwide. After resigning from the battle circuit and moving from his hometown of Düsseldorf to Brooklyn, Rafik, the son of two classical musicians, decided to take it down a notch, and spend some quality time with his synths and machines. Besides being a frequent guest in clubs from Australia to China, Japan, and the UK, Rafik’s eclectic productions and remix work present a unique take on the electronica, hip hop and techno intersection.