We are happy to announce our new Chief Technology Officer: Andreas Gautschi

A musician, data scientist and self-professed “native geek,” joins company ahead of the launch of its wearable musical instrument product

Mictic AG has announced that Andreas Gautschi will join the startup as Chief Technology Officer, overseeing all R&D efforts and the organization’s tech vision. The machine learning and data sciences expert brings both software development and tech pre-sales experience to the role. He is the founder of DataSush where he has worked alongside scientists from NASA, MIT and the U.S. Department of Defense. Like everyone at Mictic, Gautschi is also a musician.

“Andreas plays piano and is a terror on drums,” said Mitic CEO Meshad Javan. “When every single thing we do is devoted to the person putting on the Mictic bracelets and experiencing the creative joy of making music —it’s important that every exec feels it. Plus this guy has helped send things to Mars, who wouldn’t want him on their team.”